Aveeno Creamy Moisturizing Oil

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Aveeno Creamy Moisturizing Oil - Trust My Nose

Founded in 1945, Aveeno is known for its “active natural” ingredients and specialised in developing products designed to treat some specific skin conditions such as eczema, chickenpox, hives; being so skin friendly and efficient in treating these skin conditions, the brand has been recommended for 60 years.

Aveeno focused mainly on skincare products, the brand expanded its range in 2001 including new categories such as Baby Care and Body Wash; a few years later, Face products were launched with the Positively Radiant line.

The name Aveeno has been inspired by the Latin name Avena saliva, which corresponds to the common name of oat so for this Creamy moisturising oil product, oatmeal is the key claimed ingredient on the bottle.

Oatmeal has been acknowledged as a healthy ingredient for our body, inside as well as out; oatmeal protects the skin from irritant substances and also soothes the skin which might be itchy or irritated.

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To fit the natural and healthy image of the brand, the beige and pastel pink pump bottle has a matt plastic finish and a very soft feel to the touch; the subtle illustrations of oat branches reinforce the gentle and caring concept.

The pledge of this cream focuses on smoothness of the skin, all day long moisturisation and a non greasy formula; the texture is really thick so you definitely need a pump system to dispense the product easily on your body.

In total harmony with this extra rich formula and the creamy moisturising oil concept, the scent mainly features creamy gourmand with almond notes, vanilla, musky and balsamic tonalities. You can perceive some slight touches of floral notes through orange blossom and honeysuckle, bringing a lively finish to the fragrance.

The cream keeps its promises: the skin doesn’t feel greasy, feels soft, smooth and the fragrance reinforces the nourishing and soothing impression.


Texture: 7/10

Really thick formula, it first feels a bit greasy but finally absorbs fast into the skin.

Fragrance: 7/10

Quite simple in its structure, mainly smelling of almond and vanilla; fits nicely with the oat ingredient as its smells so creamy.

Performance: 8/10

Linear strength all along from the first time you apply until many hours after it.

Skin feeling: 8/10

The skin feels really smooth, soft so can be used if you have sensitive skin.


Key Olfactive Notes:

Almond  Vanilla - Trust My Nose  Musk - Trust My Nose







Overall Rating:

Rating 7.5 - Trust My Nose

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