Dove Invisible Dry Antiperspirant Roll-On

Dove Invisible Dry Antiperspirant Roll-on

Looking at this Dove pure white roll-on, you feel like this product is going to be gentle and soft to your skin; indeed, Dove is well known for its caring products and its mild formulas.

The promises of the roll-on are quite classical in the world of deodorants: protection against sweat, fresh fragrance and no white marks; the additional benefit you would expect from a Dove product would be moisturisation so let’s see how it feels to use this product on a daily basis.

To fit the white slim packaging, the product has a light white texture; it is easy to apply as the roll-on works well even after many days of use and also easy to travel with when going on holiday as super light and compact size. The roller-ball is at the bottom of the bottle, which facilitates even more the use as the product goes at the bottom so no need to shake even if you get close to the end of the product.

The scent is fresh and light: it seems to open with sparkling citrus bergamot green notes, along with some creamy peach, apricot effect. Floral notes smelling of rose, lily of the valley, white flowers give a really feminine gentle touch, while aldehydic powdery woody notes wrap the whole into a cocooning trail.

You get a real moisturizing effect on the skin after a few days of using the product and the creamy floral powdery notes reinforce this comforting feeling.

So overall an efficient deodorant, smelling fresh clean and creamy, suitable for sensitive skin; definitely good value for money.


Texture: 7/10

Light creamy texture, dries fast and indeed not one white mark.

Fragrance: 7/10

Delicate floral theme, but still strong enough thanks to aldehydic creamy powdery notes.

Performance: 7/10

Quite long lasting fragrance, fresh feeling almost all day long.

Skin feeling: 8/10

Skin feels fresh and  smooth. Real moisturising feeling, can be used after shaving.


Key Olfactive Notes:

Peach - Trust My Nose  Rose - Trust My Nose  Lily of the Valley - Trust My Nose







Overall Rating:

Overall Rating 7 - Trust My Nose

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