Güd Pearanormal Activity Pear and Acai Berry Body Lotion

Güd Pearanormal Activity Pear and Acai Berry Body Lotion Ad
Gud Pearanormal Activity Pear & Acai Berry Body Lotion - Trust My Nose

This is probably one of the most natural looking products of the Güd range thanks to its bright green colour and its intricately detailed almost material like pear and berry illustrations;  natural ingredients are key to the Güd brand, while keeping a playful image through communication on the website and directly on the packaging.

In the case of this range, the brand plays on words to bring fun and differentiation through the name of the range called Pearanormal activity; the range consists of body lotion, shampoo and conditioner, body wash, hand wash, body mist, body butter and hand cream.

Along with pear, acai berry is also part of the claimed ingredients; acai berry created a buzz a few years ago firstly in the food world and later on in the cosmetic world.  Known for its anti-oxidant properties and natural anti-ageing ability, Acai berry called the “super berry” has been used mainly in skincare products, also in shampoos and body washes.

Shea butter is the other key ingredient of this lotion; quite a classic well known nourishing ingredient; other more innovative ingredients have been used to create this smooth white formulation.

To fit with its natural image, the brand prides itself by using natural ingredients such as Organic rose fruit extracts, melissa, raspberry and hyssopus.

The lotion has a rich, really thick texture; takes a little time to apply and absorbed but leaves a nice soft skin feeling.

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What makes this lotion so special is definitely the scent; very fruity green at first with invigorating notes of pear, kiwi, rhubarb, wild strawberry, blueberry and raspberry; together with innocent floral tonalities of rose peony, creamy vanilla notes provide a voluptuous caress to the skin.

This unique scent lingers for a very long time on the skin; it is really strong so some people might find it overpowering and possibly overlapping with your usual fine fragrance.

The fragrance is very interesting and surprising as it has some fresh crispy green fruity notes, which contrast with the gourmand addictive back notes; definitely a memorable lotion.


Texture: 9/10

Quite thick, still quite easy to apply if you don’t use too much.

Fragrance: 8/10

Fizzy and fresh fruity notes, loves the creamy yummy back notes.

Performance: 9/10

Incredibly strong and long lasting scent.

Skin feeling: 8/10

Smooth skin feeling, skin feels nourished and soft.


Key Olfactive Notes:

Pear - Trust My Nose  Rhubarb - Trust My Nose  Vanilla - Trust My Nose







Overall Rating:

Rating8.5 - Trust My nose

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