Güd Red Ruby Groovy Grapefruit and Thyme Body Wash

Güd Red Ruby Groovy Grapefruit and Thyme Body Wash - Trust My Nose

Your first impression of this body wash could be, “it has to be Scandinavian” due to the Brands name “Güd” and the cylindrical shape of the white bottle;  Güd from Burt’s Bees is a brand from the U.S. focusing on feel good products with natural ingredients and addictive scents.

This brand will make you smile, while enjoying the natural ingredients; the brand communicates in a fun and playful way on the packaging as well as on its website, with sentences such as “Now showering clean will be like dancing riotously in a fountain. And you won’t get arrested.”

The product line includes; shampoos & conditioners, body washes, body mists, body butters and lotions, hand creams & cleaners. All available in five different fragrances.

The claimed ingredients are easily found on packaging or the Güd website and none of these products contain parabens, phthalates or petrochemicals.

In the case of the Red Ruby Groovy body wash, the white bottle has a unique cylindrical shape with highly detailed illustrations of the key product ingredients consisting of Grapefruit and Thyme; these illustrations are made up of tiny pieces of fruit and snowflakes, inspired by the art of origami.  The bottle is finished off with a bright red push cap, illustrating the main ingredients of the product.

Gud banner

The bottle shape and illustrations are striking, almost having a “flower power” look,  and give real identity to the product; for sure, the Güd products definitely stand out looking at the shelves of your usual supermarket.

With such a funky name “Red Ruby Groovy” and such a colourful packaging, you expect a powerful and fizzy fragrance; and you won’t be disappointed.

Vibrant and refreshing, the fragrance has some juicy and sunny lemon, mandarin, blood orange and verbena; some fresh green notes almost give a natural tomato leaf effect.

The combination of these sparkling citrus with the frosty green aspects make you feel like you are in the middle of a Mediterranean garden, surrounded by opulent citrus trees and noble woods.

The sheer floral accord of honeysuckle and orange flower, mixed with the musky, woody base, leaves a cheerful summer scent on the skin.

This is a happy product, pleasant to use thanks to its generous lather; the luminous citrus green floral fragrance is just perfect to fit with the natural concept and will give you an energizing, refreshing feeling you need to start your day.


Texture: 7/10

Good lather, very smooth foam and easy to rinse.

Fragrance: 8/10

Extra zingy citrus green signal, really fresh and natural scent.

Performance: 8/10

Really strong scent during the shower.

Skin feeling: 7/10

Skin is clean, with no irritations and smells extra fresh.

Humour: 8/10

This is a one off special rating for the first witty body care product.


Key Olfactive Notes:

Orange - Trust My Nose  Verbena - Trust My Nose  Honeysuckle - Trust My Nose







Overall Rating:

Trust My Nose Rating 8

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  1. TrustMyNose says:

    Gud have some really fun lovely smelling products, happy bath time:-)

  2. bobbob says:

    Luv these products perfect for me and my kids not too harsh and an awesome fragrance:-)

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