The Body Shop Atlas Mountain Rose Body Lotion

The Body Shop Atlas Mountain Rose Body Lotion

The Body Shop has launched a new range or Eau de toilette and Body Care products called Scents of The World: the concept is based around escapism by proposing products created with ingredients sourced from all over the world.

This collection of products are composed of 5 variants: Amazonian Wild Lily, Atlas Mountain Rose, Indian Night Jasmine, Japanese Cherry Blossom and Madagascan Vanilla.

They are available in different formats such as Eau de toilette, Fragrance mist, Perfume oil, Shower gel and Body Lotion.

Being curious to discover another interpretation of a Rose, we decided to tried Atlas Mountain Rose Body Lotion.

The pump bottle is very elegant and attractive thanks to its bright pink nuances and its delicate illustrations of Moroccan looking buildings and of course rose flowers.

The formula is nourishing as it contains some Shea butter; applying it on the skin, it feels extra soft and not too thick, just the right texture and the skin feels fresh and smooth.

The fragrance is of course very floral, mainly smells of fresh rose, thanks to some citrus lemon effects and has also some powdery aspects through some violet and magnolia effects. After a few hours on the skin, some more woody like cedar wood, musky notes appear. To provide a more sensual feeling.

The overall fragrance is a modern interpretation of a rose, very feminine and fresh but not old fashioned as the top notes are bright juicy citrus with some creamy woody musky undertones.

If you like fresh floral rose powdery fragrances, this body lotion could complement harmoniously with the Eau de toilette you might be wearing and it would also leave a wonderful fresh feminine trail on your skin.


Texture: 7/10

Light texture, lovely feeling when applying.

Fragrance: 9/10

Floral scent with fresh rose signature, fresh and caring at the same time.

Performance: 7/10

Fragrance is quite light but lasts for many hours on the skin.

Skin feeling: 8/10

Skin feels smooth, soft and protected.


Key Olfactive Notes:

Rose - Trust My Nose  Magnolia - Trust My Nose  Musk - Trust My Nose







Overall Rating:

Rating 8

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