Unilever Launches New Deodorant Can

New Aerosol

Unilever, the largest UK manufacturer of deodorants, has unveiled a brand new can design across their 3 brands Sure Women, Dove & Vaseline Intensive ranges.  This is the 1st time in 6 decades that a new design has been implemented by Unilever.

The new can technology offers a smaller can (75ml compared to the original 150ml cans), which uses 25% less aluminium and uses 50% less propellant but the product lasts just as long as the traditional cans all for the same price.

It has obvious benefit of reduced environmental impact because 50% less propellant is used per can, 25% less aluminium and the smaller 75ml can means 35% fewer lorries are required due to 53% reduction in size allowing more cans to be shipped one on delivery pallet which in turn means a significant reduction in greenhouse gases.  Also smaller cans mean less waste, Unilever predict by 2020 disposal of there products would have halved.

Considering that 80% of the U.K. & Ireland consumers prefer Aerosol cans to roll-ons or Deo sticks, the benefits are huge.
We can imagine that these new cans will be used in lots of Unilever’s deodorant brands in the future.

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